The summer season in Brasil means a gazillion garota and garoto contests! We here at BS love co-ed contests like these, especially when the contestants are crowned in their swimsuits...and when up here in the northern hemisphere we have been sucked into the polar vortex. 

One of the gazillion contests is Garota e Garoto Farol (Farol de São Thomé, RJ). The contest is typically held in January - this year's edition was held on 24-January. Inny Trinidade and Renan Adão walked away with the Garota e Garoto Farol 2014 titles. Garota runners-up were Letícia dos Santos and Thaís Soares. Garoto runners-up were Daivid Santos Duarte and Marlon Pires.

Garota e Garoto Farol 2013 Karolaynne Correia and Lionel Souza dos Santos

Garota e Garoto Farol 2011 Luciana Barreto and Leonardo Caldas