Among the several, if not many, co-ed contests that BS takes pride in covering is Miss e Mister Sinop (Sinop being a city in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil). This year's contest took place last weekend. Winning their respective titles of Miss e Mister Sinop 2014 were Adila Silva and Julio Schmidt. 

A total of 16 university students between the ages of 18 and 25 competed in the annual event, organized by Regges Freitas. In addition to Adila Silva, the university students contending for the Miss Sinop 2014 title were Vanessa Castanho, Darlaine Silva, Denise Pauli, Alessandra Filipini, Natalie Alves, Géssica Maidana, and Danieli Silva. In addition to Julio Schimidth, the university students contending for the Mister Sinop 2014 title were Jandir Alves, João Thiago, Alan Silva, Ozéias Mendes, Jacson William, David Tibério, and Malcoln Santana.