This weekend proved to be a bonanza for pageant fans! Some may have only been aware of - and cared about - Miss World 2013. But in just about every continent there was a contest, and South America was one of them.

On Saturday night, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Miss Mato Grosso Jakelyne de Oliveira, 20, won the highly coveted and very competitive Miss Universo Brasil 2013 title. First runner-up was Miss Minas Gerais Janaína Barcelos, 25; second runner-up was Miss Bahia Priscila Cidreira, 22. Rounding out the top five were Miss Paraná Isis Stocco and Miss São Paulo Bruna Michels.

While we were hot for the studly co-hosts of Miss World, Kamal Ibrahim Daniel Mananta, we think that the studly co-host of Miss Universo Brasil 2013, Sergio Marone, has them beat!

Daniel Mananta

The gorgeous hosts of Miss Universo Brasil 2013
Sergio Marone and Renata Fan

 Muito Gostoso!

 Sergio's Paparazzo pix from ten or so years ago.

 Dear Sergio, Bite Me! Beijos, Dean Harris