The absolute schönste Pizzakurier in all of Switzerland!

Mister Switzerland 2012 Sandro Cavegn is currently starring in his own scripted, docu-reality show, "Mister Pizza." He works as a pizza delivery boy, with  cameras following him on his deliveries. The show, airing on Swiss social network Joiz, debuted on 14-Jan. Sandro knows his pizza, having three years of management experience with the Swiss pizza chain Dieci AG (10 AG).  (Sources: Schweizer Illustrierte; Tages Anzeiger; Joiz)

Sandro takes an order for an extra large sausage

Sandro delivers pizza to folks having pizza parties

Sandro delivers pizza to a gay couple...

...who just happens to have a magazine with Sandro's photo on the cover!

Here is Sandro after delivering an extra large sausage to Dean Harris