14 February 2013


ABC News via Associated Press, 14-Feb-2013: Miss America, Atlantic City's prodigal pageant, is coming home, and the spectacle that became synonymous with the New Jersey seaside resort is being assured all is forgiven after a six-year fling in Las Vegas. The pageant will be back where it started 93 years ago and where it was fixture until 2006, when organizers moved to Nevada in the hopes of attracting a younger TV audience. "It was always my dream that this would return here," said Art McMaster, president and CEO of the Miss America organization. "Sadly, this organization went west for a while. That sadness is over. We are back to the city where the Miss America pageant began, where the Miss America pageant was raised, and where the Miss America pageant belongs." More at ABC News website.

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VictorG said...

I was at the 50th anniversary pageant in 1970 and will never forget seeing all the former Miss Americas exit the stage door after Phyllis George was crowned, each still wearing her crown and and velvet robe. So much has changed since then but it's wonderful that the Miss America Pageant is returning to Atlantic City, which was thrashed by Hurricane Sandy last year, and will be held in September again, just like before.