As BS students know all too well, we love co-ed pageants and try to cover as many of them as we can! Two of faves recently took place - Miss and Mister Bavaria and Miss and Mister Sinop. 

Miss and Mister Bayern (Bavaria) 2013 took place on 08 December. Julia Althammer, 19, won the Miss Bavaria 2013 title, while Stephan Schwindtm 31, won the Mister Bavaria 2013 title.

And in Brazil, another of our favorites, Miss and Mister Sinop 2013, took place on 14 December. Priscila Rauber, 18, was elected Miss Sinop 2013, and Felipe Augusto, 20, was elected Mister Sinop 2013.  Runners-up for the Miss Sinop title were Brena Ferneda and Camyla Marques. Runners-up for Mister Sinop title  were Josué Lima and Gilvandro Sonalio.