Hello, ppl! This ain't never gonna happen! We know that as pageant fans we are crazy motherf**kers, but really, this is too much. Folks better be concerned with the very survival of MUO itself instead of watching a television show. And all y'all crazy #savethesash pageant bitches better be glad it will be live streamed. And ya'll better hope that the Donald doesn't charge a fee for you to watch it. 


Claudia Barrionuevo, 23 and a educational psychology student, was elected Miss Universo Salta 2015. She will now represent her province in Miss Universo Argentina 2015. First runner-up was Rosario Siles Doncella; second runner-up was María Alejandra Zorpudes. A total of 14 women competed for the title. The contest, which took place on 28-Jun, had perhaps one of the most interesting venues in recent memory - the "Tren a las Nubes" tourist train and Salta's historic Belgrano train station itself.
Here is Claudia competing on the "Tren a las Nubes." 


19-Jun saw the election of Miss y Mister Aragón 2015 during an outdoor ceremony at Terraza Las Ocas. Miss Aragón 2015 is Rebeca Buil Chavarria, 17 and 1m76. Runners-up for the Miss title were Marina Guerra Fau and Elena Andrés Palos. Mister Aragón 2015 is Carlos Alonso Jiménez, 18 and 1m86. Mister runners-up were Sergio Cota Alonso and Javier Naval Used. Note that Rebeca will compete in Miss World Spain 2015 and Carlos will compete in Mister International Spain 2015. (Photos: El Periódico de Aragón)

On the evening of 24-Jun, Luz María Cabello García, 20, and Juan Carlos Cuenca Montes, 20, were elected Reina and Mister de la Feria de San Juan Alhaurín de la Torre 2015. Runners-up for the Reina title were Martina Trigos Martín, 17, and Mireya Bravo Guzmán, 17 años. Runners-up for the Mister title were Victor Manuel García Pérez, 20, and Francisco Alejandro Casurriaga Rueda, 17. (Photo:

Marcelo Peñaranda, 23, is the new Mister International Castilla La Mancha 2015. He topped four other men to win the title on 20-Jun at the Sala Aguardas  in Motilla del Palancar. A university student, he is stud(ying) and Physical Education and Sports Science. An avid "socorrista," he also works as physical therapy assistant for Elche C.F.


An opinion piece by Paul Farhi in today's Washington Post says that news show host Lawrence O'Donnell of MSBC (a cable news network that is a division of NBCUniversal) had that fabulous thing to say about the Donald a few years ago. The piece also says the following, which we find quite interesting:
NBC executives privately acknowledged the low stakes involved in their high-profile action. “Celebrity Apprentice” — owned by reality show titan Mark Burnett — was already set to continue next season without Trump, who opted out of the program when he decided to run for president.
The beauty pageants, meanwhile, have been so-so audience draws for NBC. The network consigned the 2014 Miss Universe contest to a Saturday night, typically the lowest-rated of the week, and drew just 3.75 million viewers, an all-time low. It did better airing on a Sunday night earlier this year (7.6 million viewers), but both the Miss Universe and Miss USA events have been losing popularity during the decade in which Trump and NBC have been partners.
Needless to say, we here at Beauty School are rejoicing. It is time for the Donald Trump era of Miss USA and Miss Universe to be over, and for another, brighter (albeit different) future to begin for the venerable pageant systems.  
We can always count on the NY Daily News for a great headline!


In the immortal words of Honey Cone, "One monkey don't stop no show."  Since the song is about a stupid, idotic man, it is quite appropriate for the current sit in which we find ourselves. (Note: we realize that many of you children that we have had to unfortunately accept into Beauty School have never heard this song before, which is not at all surprising, given your total lack of interest in the past).